Topics of Conference
• Magnetic materials for recording.
• Soft magnetic materials.
• Hard magnetic materials.
• Nanomagnetism and Nanostructure.
• Multiferroics.
• Magnetic domains, domain walls, processes of magnetic reversal.
• Magnetooptical phenomena.
• Transport phenomena, giant magnetic resistance, giant magnetic impedance.
• Magnetic anisotropy, magnetostriction, magnetoelastic phenomena.
• Principles and techniques of measurement of magnetic parameters.
• Modern technologies for receipt of materials.
• Methods of teaching materials technology disciplines.
Official languages of BICMM-VII: English and Russian

Organizing Committee of VII Baikal International Conference "Magnetic Materials. New Technologies":
664003, Irkutsk State University, Gagarin bvd., 20, Irkutsk, Russia
Co-chairmans of the BICMM Organizing Committee:
Gavriliuk Alexey
Semirov Alexander

Tel. (3952) 52-12-53
Secretary of Organizing Committee:
Semenov Andrey

Tel. (3952) 52-12-53, (3952) 52-12-58
The Department of Solid State Electronics of ISU:
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It is our great honor to invite you to the 7th Baikal International Conference “Magnetic materials. New technologies”, which will be held in the Listvyanka village, Irkutsk region, Russia, from August 22nd to 26th 2016. On behalf of the Solid State Electronics Department, Physics Department, Department of Technology and Business of Teachers’ Training Institution of Irkutsk State University, we look forward to seeing you in the Listvyanka village and to an exciting and enjoyable conference.
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