First announcement.
January 20, 2018.
Second announcement.
April 2018.
Online pre-registration and abstract submission deadline.
June 30, 2018.
Acceptance notice.
July 20, 2018.
Invitation delivery and conference program.
July 20, 2018.
Registration on-site.
August 23 - 24, 2018.
Conference starts.
August 24, 2018.
Closing Ceremony.
August 28, 2018.

Topics of Conference
• Magnetic materials for recording.
• Soft magnetic materials.
• Hard magnetic materials.
• Nanomagnetism and Nanostructure.
• Multiferroics.
• Magnetic domains, domain walls, processes of magnetic reversal.
• Magnetooptical phenomena.
• Methods of teaching materials technology disciplines.
• Transport phenomena, giant magnetic resistance,
giant magnetic impedance.
• Magnetic anisotropy, magnetostriction, magnetoelastic phenomena.
• Principles and techniques of measurement of magnetic parameters.
• Modern technologies for receipt of materials.
Official languages of BICMM-VIII: English and Russian

Organizing Committee of VIII Baikal International Conference "Magnetic Materials. New Technologies":
664003, Irkutsk State University, Gagarin bvd., 20, Irkutsk, Russia
Co-chairmans of the BICMM Organizing Committee:
Gavriliuk Alexey
Semirov Alexander

Tel. (3952) 52-12-58
Secretary of Organizing Committee:
Derevianko Mikhail

The Department of General and Experimental Physics of ISU:
Tel. (3952) 52-12-58

It is our great honor to invite you to the VIII Baikal International Conference “Magnetic materials. New technologies” August 24 - 28, 2018. On behalf of The Department of General and Experimental Physics and Physics Department of Irkutsk State University.
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